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Can no longer delete slides

I’m pretty sure I could do this before. I am editing a completed show. I needed to add a slide and delete a slide - actually exchange one slide for another.

I imported the new slide and inserted it (using option/click to the spot I was at in the timeline) - no problem. But when I right click (control click on touch pad on Mac) on the slide I need to delete, I see the two options, one to add and one to remove, but as soon as I release the keys - they disappear.

How do I delete a slide? Thanks

Sorry to be bugging you so much lately - but I’m happy to let you know I figured this one out.

It is “broken” in Safari (probably a Catalina thing) but appears to work OK on Chrome.

You’re not bugging me by filing bug reports. These reports are super valuable to software developers. Thanks!

Yep, I can see it on Safari. I’ll roll out an update this afternoon to address this.

Also, there should be a way to delete without involving a right-click … I’ll add a Remove slide button to the item inspector.


I just rolled out the fix for the right-click Safari issue, and a new “Remove This Slide” button in the Item Inspector.

Refresh the page in your browser to get the new code. And thanks again for reporting the bug @d.ouer!


Happy to help Joe - I’m still amazed at the level of attention you are giving this software. I hope you will profit from your efforts.