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Audio tool suggestions


Thank you so much for all your work to make SS better than ever!! I am so thrilled to get back into my account and start creating.

Question to you/forum members: I need to upgrade my audio recording tool. I had used the Ferrite app on my phone, which worked pretty well, but I know I could do better in terms of quality. I apologize if this is a bit outside of scope, but I was hoping someone in our group might have a suggestion for an external mic and recorder that they use, which works well.

Welcome to the forum! And I don’t think that’s outside of scope at all.

I’m still using my old Marantz 660/AT-835 setup for interviews, but I’d love to switch a smartphone-based system if there’s something workable. I feel like there must be.

I’ve had my eye on the Shure MV88 for a while, but I don’t like that it sticks out of the actual iPhone while in use. It seems the perfect type of thing for stereo ambient audio or for using while recording video on the phone.

For audio, I’d much prefer a similar handheld mic that I would connect with a cable. Also, I’d want to use an external battery on my iPhone while using an external mic.

If anyone has ideas, please let us know.


Thanks so much for your quick reply. So greatly appreciated!

Marantz, thanks for the reminder! I forgot about that brand. At the risk of showing my age, I remember as a young press assistant that it was my job to make sure we always had a connection ready for the Marantz boxes (certainly not the size they are now!) the media would bring to press conferences. Thanks loads for the Shure link. I absolutely see your point on the “stick out” issue! I’m not sure how that would work for interviewing a subject; I might feel weird sticking it close to someone as they were speaking. But, agree would be great for ambient. Lots to consider!

Thanks again for your suggestions and guidance.