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Backload Initial Collection of Photos to end of Slideshow for Precise Timing Placement

Hi, Joe. I apologize if this has been addressed. In the old Soundslides, I think I remember that you could initially push all the photos in one fell swoop to the end of the slideshow and then one by one you could pull forward a photo to the spot on the audio timeline to match the moment of transition to the next photo. Right now I am starting to put together slideshows that include about 25 pix and have about a ten to fifteen minute audio track. I find myself having to drag, one by one, each slide to the right to clear the runway so-to-speak and am limited at the maximum zoomed out position of five minutes so that a 15 minuted audio track requires me to do said dragging collectively three times.

Now the seeming workaround would be to just initially import one photo and the full audio track, then upload the rest of the photos under the “add a photo” option. Once in the library, I could simply use the right-click to insert at the respective time location for each photo. But when I have done that (and I’ll try again today) only a handful of thumbnails for the photos uploaded are shown in the library and even some that are barely in view can not be right clicked.

Again sorry if this has been answered before.

Hi Jimmy.

There are two tools you can use for that type of situation. Both are fairly new to the application.

Timeline Push mode

With timeline push enabled, any slide that’s moved down the timeline will automatically “push along” future slides. Pushing only works in one direction (to the right, down the timeline).

To enable Timeline Push, click the “Enable Timeline Push” button at the bottom right of the timeline editor.


This feature was deployed late last week, so this might be the first time you’ve ever seen that button.

Multi-select move

The second way of moving a group is to select multiple slides and move them as a group.


To select multiple slides, hold down the command key (CTRL key on Windows), and click the slides you want to move. You can then click and drag them to move the slides in concert.

You can click in the slide area to deselect all images or press the ESC key on your keyboard.

Let me know if these solutions work for your needs.


That is so freaking awesome. Thank-you not only for your quick reply but also your constant upgrading of the program features. Take care.

  • Jimmy