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Captions disappeared

Hello Joe, many thanks for the further development of the tool. My question: When I downloaded my video, the quotes disappeared. Doesn’t that work with “export to video”? I want to publish the video on Youtube.

A hearty wave from Berlin

Hi Mario!

Unlike the overlays, the slide captions were not being exported to video.

My logic was that caption visibility is controlled by the person viewing the show interactively, and there’s no such interaction available in a video file.

But now that I think about it, captions should be exported to video when the “show captions by default” option is clicked.


I’ll change the exporter right now. It should be available by sunrise in Berlin on Thursday :slight_smile:

You’ll need to re-export your video to see the captions exported.

The various overlay types (especially the text and title overlays) are much more flexible and precise than slide captions, but at least the captions are there if you want them.

Let me know how it goes.


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The new code is online now.

If you’ve got captions on by default, you should see a note confirming that captions will be exported in your video file. The note appears above the “Export” button.


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Thanks a lot, this is super fast. I have now linked the show to, because it will be online soon. There the captions worked. I use them to interpret an original German text.

So next time I will also do it via Youtube.

If you still have a tip on how to save zoom-in/zoom-out for export to videos …

Zoom in and out is available for video export now. It’s sadly still not supported on the published HTML version, but it looks good on video.

Options are under the slide’s item inspector, under the “Motion” tab.