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DevWeek #25 - Show lists and new plans

Another big week. I’m working on cleaning up the show list and continue testing the new video exporter for Soundslides 3 shows.

I’ll post more as the week progresses.

I will be waiting for this with happy hope.

I just rolled out a couple of changes.

  1. The show list now has a bit larger thumbnail, and I’ve split the organization of the various buttons into two groups. I don’t think this is the final design, as two new features need to be inserted before the official launch in August.

  1. The Timeline Editor is a bit cleaner on the bottom button bar. There’s now a “Data saved.” notification label down there, which lets you know when the data is updating to the server. It’s relatively inconspicuous, so I hope it doesn’t annoy you visually. I also renamed the “Back” button to make it more clear that you can close out of the timeline editor and get back to the main window.

  1. I’ve renamed the “Display” pane to “Transitions” as that’s the pane’s function. Display related configuration needs to happen in another UI since it includes items (titles, styles, colors, templates, designs, sizing) that could benefit from a live preview of the changes. It makes more sense to edit that information outside of the Timeline Editor.


  1. You can now edit the title of your show. What a dumb oversight on my part! It’s been on page 2 of the TODO list since May. I moved it up the list yesterday.

Give it all a go, and let me know what you think. And thanks again for giving it a try.


Thanks for the ability to edit file names. One note about that: I accidentally created an empty show and I can’t do anything with the title and I can’t delete it without adding a file or two.

Other items:

  1. Any way to add gifs as a file format?
  2. How about mp4 files?
  3. Any way to easily allow sharing of projects to YouTube or Vimeo?

As usual, I have no idea how difficult these suggestions might be to implement, I just include them if you want to add them to your punch list.

I uploaded my first downloaded file to YouTube:
Thanks for all your work. It is making my user experience way positive.

Ah, deleting empty shows was on my work list for today. I just pushed out the update.


Gifs might be possible, so long as they’re not animated gifs. I’ll put it on the list to investigate. MP4s as the audio file are a bit tougher as that format is much more diverse than a basic MP3.

Publishing directly to YouTube is on my wishlist, and fairly high up there. It will make publishing so much easier.

I don’t think it will happen before the official Soundslides 3 launch in mid-August though. It will take some time to get the integration with YT’s system set up.

Thanks again for giving it a try!

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