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DevWeek #27 - Video encoding and holidays

Video encoding engine

It’s a quiet holiday week here at Tungite headquarters. I’m working on a new video exporter engine. The existing one is quite slow and in need of a re-write after all these years.

One of my goals is to eventually standardize on 1920x1080 (ie 1080p) output if at all possible. Right now, 1080p is very slow to encode with the current encoding engine. So slow, in fact, that Soundslides has never output video files at that dimension.

Early experiments find encoding speed improvements of up to 10x faster at 720p and up to 30x faster at 1080p. I’m hoping the new code can be part of the official release in August. There are additional improvements in image quality, but those are harder to quantify in a forum post. I’ll post some comparison video files as this work gets wrapped up later in the month.

Many of you have stressed how vital video output is to your publishing workflow. When Soundslides was first created, video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo didn’t even exist. Now, many of you exclusively post work in video file formats.

Limited July schedule

The rest of July is going to be reasonably light on updates. July is the vacation season here in the office. I’ll still be responding to customer service requests and emails, but otherwise, app development will slow as everyone enjoys some time out of the office. Tungite’s regular client work all but ceases in July and August, so Soundslides is following the general outline of Tungite’s routine work.

August will be the big push toward the official release. Expect the pace to quicken by the last week of July.

If you’ve got any questions, reach out either by reply to the forum or email at

Thanks again!

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