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DevWeek #30 - More video, then back to the editor

We’re a month from the official release date, and I’m super excited about Soundslides’ progress.

This week I’m focusing on getting the new video converter deployed and finalizing the user interface for the editor.

Here’s a quick overview of the top of the punch list.

  • Adding an Export Video button to the Editor
  • Adding the ability to set per-image transitions (like in Soundslides 1)
  • Clearer directions for replacing assets (audio and images) while editing
  • Ability to add and edit image captions

There’s a lot to do beyond those four items, but I must start somewhere.

Joe, just wanted you to know that I appreciate all your work and to somehow assure you that you’re not working in a vaccuum. FYI, I founded youngwritersproject(dot)org (a non-profit dedicated to helping kids write) and used Soundslides in workshops to help students and teachers learn the concept of digital storytelling. I have stepped down from YWP to focus on my own storytelling (and have fun) and have founded yapnet(dot)org, a private community (you have to be a member to see content) for creative people to share unfinished work, ideas and projects for feedback and suggestion. I’ve introduced them to your work and to soundslides and they are most intrigued. We are still a beta group (about 40 people) who range from poets to photographers to visual artists to educators. I will continue to create and post soundslides and once finished will be happy to give you some shine on instagram, et al (not that I have a huge number of followers). Thanks so much for your work. And, honestly, this version of soundslides (we had the desktop software) is much easier to use, though it admittedly does not yet have all the features you are working on. Let me know if I can be of any help in testing.
P.S. sorry for the “(dot)” references but this forum reply is not letting me post direct links.