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DevWeek #31 - Back to the editor

Last week’s work ran over schedule, with the new video encoding system just deployed earlier this week. It’s many multiples faster than the old system, and allows you to see an encoding progress bar, and a fairly accurate estimate of the time remaining.

Here’s a screenshot:

The next items on the list are all user interface issues with the editor.

I’ve already added an “Export Video” button to the editor, and I’ll continue this work as the week goes on. I’ll try to post screenshots here as changes are made.

Thanks again for trying the new app. We’ve got 4 weeks until the official launch. It’s going to be fun.

Quick end-of-the-week update. I’m working on the various publishing settings for shows.

Here are the four “publishing modes” I’m working on at this time.

  • Private (unpublished) show
  • Published show
  • Password-protected show
  • Private link show

The first three are mostly self-explanatory, but the last one is a bit different. Basically, you can generate a sharable private link. Only those with the private link can view the show.

Here’s how I think these publishing modes will look in the user interface.

I’m also working on a private “Send file” link that you can share that enables the recipient to download the show as a video file. If you produce work for clients, it may make more sense to send them a private link to a download page than to try to email a 50-100MB file.

I’m hoping all of this work can be tested and deployed by next week.

If you have thoughts, share them below.