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DevWeek #37 - Documentation & Help site

I got a head start on the user guide last week while stuck at home waiting out Hurricane Dorian’s NC visit. It’s up now.

Writing documentation is important, not just because the application’s audience relies on it, but because it’s a great place to find holes in your product’s workflows and assumptions.

It’s a huge red flag when I struggle to document something I thought was simple and clearly understood by everyone! I added several items to the todo list while writing up the docs … hopefully I’ll get to those refinements sooner rather than later.

The new help site is up at, and I’ve added links the app’s top navigation bar.

Some highlights

Quickstart guide
Frequently asked questions
Auto-spaced timing versus precise-timing, with use-cases for each!
Migrating a show from Soundslides 1

As always, if you think there’s something missing, let me know if the comments.


one question: when importing images can i have them display by name or by date ?
i remember it was not possible before and i spent time reorganizing.
Thanks to work on your beautiful app.

Hi luc!

When you first import, the images are sorted in alpha-numeric order. If you add additional images, they all go to the end.

The ability to sort by date and sort by name after importing is a great idea. I’m adding that to the todo list now.


Hi luc.

Just following up on this post. I’ve implemented sorting by name, import date, and image creation date. Sorting is available post-import … before you launch the timeline editor.