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First show -- it works!

Just made my first show. Great to see Soundslides again!
Comments-- the link,

…doesn’t play on an iPad with ios 9.3. Works fine on a Surface Pro 3, and on this iPhone ios 12.2. Will it show OK on Android phones?
Wish list – would love to be able to associate separate sound files to each image. But maybe it’s better as it is… I can use Audacity to make separate sound bites and then put them together. Making a decent sound file is the hardest part of this process.
And thanks for keeping this easy to use – and non-proprietary. So NOT Adobe Spark!
Again, thanks for bringing Soundslides back.
Jon Donahue in Tombstone, Arizona Territory
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Hi Jon and thanks!!!

The show works on all the devices I have here at the moment, including various older iPads and iPhones (iOS 10.3, iOS 11.4), and some Pixel phones (Android 9 & 10).

iOS 9.3 is out of our support zone (Apple’s latest is 13.2). Right now, iOS 10 is the cut-off … it’s on the todo list to provide a method for handling the error more elegantly, maybe allowing for a link to the show on a video site. The exported video is the ultimate compatible format, but I understand that not everyone likes exporting to video.

Same here. I would love if the app could handle multiple audio files, but it’s not possible at the moment. It’s something I think about every time I pop open Audacity or Audition.

Thanks again for using the app. It’s good to be back.


Hey Jon.

I was testing with a bunch of older iPads and iPhones today, and I think I’ve got iOS 9.3 support enabled in the player.

Can you check this link on that iPad of yours?

If all goes well, you’ll see the demo show playing …