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First Time - New Features

Hey Joe - just a note to let you know how pleased I am after using the “new” (for me) extra long time line and the link overlay. I just used both on a new show. They worked great and are great improvements. Both were requests from me - you’re the man!!!

Not to complain, but wanted to ask. I record a speaker’s audio during a lecture type presentation, and then integrate their slides from images they give me. It seems this type of presentation always begins with an intro and background with only one or two slides in the first 10 mins of the talk.

With the slides imported and equally spaced, I find I am having to push a lot of images to the right until I get “caught up” about 2/3 of the way through. For this last one, I had about 20 slides “backed up” and having to move them individually far to the right. I sure you understand what I am explaining, and why this got to be somewhat tedious.

Is there a way to bulk move slides - or some other strategy to use to save me a lot of “moving.”

Thanks again - not a complaint - and I see your new features just added. I can’t wait to try them out.

I’ve been asking for such a feature for years now. I run into that situation a lot when I transfer old filmstrips plus audio that needs precise positioning of the slides. Some stay up a lot longer than others and I’m constantly moving them one way or the other one by one. Very tedious. How about it Joe?

I’m not sure about the coding - but it sure would be nice if “grabbing” the closest slide and just moving it to the right would “push” all of the ones to the right of that out further in time as a group.

Or a bulk select when a “bunch” gets created with a click on one and a shift/click on another would select all in between like regular file selection. Then the group might be slid/moved as a unit.

I hear you. I recall this particular feature request from back before I left the original company in 2012. It’s sorely needed for certain types of shows.

I’m working on a kind of “elastic” timeline mode … it will essentially push along any number of slides along the timeline. Here’s a quick gif demo that gives a sense of how it would work in your situation.

In the demo (which isn’t online yet), I’m using the feature on a much shorter timeline than you two are using, but it works on longer timelines just as well.

What do you think?

Thanks! I feel like the app is finally getting to the point where I can focus on new features rather than just bringing the old Soundslides up to date.

I’m excited in particular about video-as-a-slide and some of the new interactive overlays.


It’s online now for beta testers.

I simplified this “elastic” idea quite a bit. The elastic mode just felt a little too magical.

I revisited the original “push mode” and it makes a lot more sense now.

Click “Enable Timeline Push” to turn on push mode.


I still need to test it with HUGE timelines (greater than 300 images), but it should be stable enough to give it a try.


Sorry Joe - I missed this earlier.

How do I go about testing this? I don’t see the option in my timeline editor.

This feature is still in beta. You’ll need to opt-in to the beta testers group in your account settings.

I think the feature is ready for everyone, but just haven’t pushed it yet.

Your particular use-case is where this push mode is most needed, so I’d be interested in your feedback on the implementation.