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How to zoom in to emphasize


I would like to know if there is an option to zoom in on a photo, to emphasize some detail, an option that allows you to zoom in and out.

I remember that in the first version of Soundslide there was that option.

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

That feature has been part of the beta testing group for the last month or so.

I was going to release it to everyone next week, but your question prompted me to go ahead and deploy the update today. You should see it now … if not, refresh the page in your browser and it will load the new code.

The zoom is available under the “Motion” tab in the slide’s “Item” inspector.

  1. Open your show in the Timeline editor
  2. Click on the image you want to zoom.
  3. Click the “Item” tab in the property bar.
  4. Click on “Motion” in the item inspector.

From there you can apply any of the direction presets (In, Out) and speed (Slow, Medium, Fast).

You can also use click and drag the thumbnail to position the slide and change the point of focus and zoom.


Motion is only available if you export to video. Image motion requires a lot of processing power from the browser, and most mobile browsers just aren’t powerful enough to smoothly handle pan and zooms. I think this limitation is temporary and that mobile browsers will get powerful enough to handle these smooth movements. Until then, it’s a “video export only” feature.