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Sorry for the redunancy -- but how do I download/export my video to my desktop computer?

Hi all/anyone,
My subject says it all.
I’ve done this in the past, but guess I forgot.
When I click on “Download Video” it just opens and runs the video in the browser, but I can’t find a button or link to actually download the video.


Hi Vanessa.

It sounds like your browser is ignoring the “download directive” from the web server. All modern browsers (as far as I know) honor the download directive by default, though those browser settings can be disabled or overridden by some extensions.

Which browser are you using?

If you happen to have another browser on your computer (either Chrome or Firefox), can you try downloading your video from another browser?

If that doesn’t work, let me know which browser you’re using and your Windows version and I’ll find a solution.


Hi Joe,

After I emailed you I tried again and right-clicked on the video. There, I found the “Save video as…” option in the pop-up list.

All is fine.

Seems to me I experienced this before. I should use Soundslides Pro more often—which is in my immediate plans.

FYI: Windows 10 Pro, Firefox 102.0.1 (64-bit) (up to date)

Really appreciate your speedy response!