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Hello. Is it still possible to use SoundSlides Plus to create an HTML5 Soundslides presentation? I was using Soundslides Plus 1.9.5 r1543a. Also, Is the video converter still available?


Hi, and welcome to the forum.

That version is deprecated, but it may work depending on what platform you’re using and how you plan to use the resulting presentation. I know that 1.9.5 works on Mojave, but not Catalina for instance. Unfortunately, you’ll have to download it and give it a try to see.

Assuming the app launches on your system, you can build your show and export a zip of your show. From there, you can import your zip to the new system for hosting or video conversion.

I’ve outlined that process on the help site.

The old video converter went offline a few months before Soundslides Corp. closed last year.

I’ve built a new video exporter as part of Soundslides 3.

If you run into any issues with importing or conversion, let me know.