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This Week in Dev - #22

It’s a short week here in the U.S., so not as much to report as last week. Here are the highlights:

  • I’m not recording show view counts for the new player. I only need a monthly play count for out upcoming hosting pricing plans, so no other analytics are being recorded.
  • I’ve now posted a message on the front of commiting to the release of Soundslides 3. If you’d like an invite, post below and I’ll add you to the early-adopter group.

What’s left for the week?

  • Pagination for all editor shows
  • Per-slide editing (captions, transitions, etc)

I’ll post some screenshots of the editor by the end of the week.

Thanks for reading!

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Hi, I would like to be an early-adopter of soundslides 3. I’m so glad that you are resurrecting the service and software.


Welcome geoff!

I’ve activated the new editor for your account. If you go to you can create a new show, or import an existing zipped show from the old Soundslides application.

I’m furiously working on adding features and documentation for the new editor. There are some glaringly obvious missing features as of today (June 7), notably:

  • Editing the show title
  • Editing the individual image captions
  • Editing show default colors
  • Changing the output dimensions of new shows

But the editor does function as a work-in-progress. As an example, this is what the editor looks like currently in the Chrome web browser.

Thanks for giving it a try and I’m happy people still care about it and find the application useful!



I believe we met via email way back in the early days of Soundslides when it was recommended to me by Joe Lambert of The Story (it was called something else back then) and some others who recommended it as a powerful way to build images and sound into a digital story. You were nice enough to give us multiple licenses and we trained teachers and kids over the years through Young Writers Project.

I have now “retired” but am writing a novel in the morning and am doing photography projects in the afternoon. Soundslides will be perfect. Further, I have started a learning/sharing community for creatives called which has absolutely astonished me in its first two weeks with the degree of our tester/community builder core group of 25 artists and educators. I use Drupal for the platform and am interested in a way of incorporating it into the site as a feature and so am also exploring the soundslides module for Drupal 7 which I had not known about.

So I am most happy to give you $12 for the basic service BUT woiuld also be willing to help you with testing or anything else you might need – if you need an extra body out here in VirtualLand. So glad you are back with the software you developed.


And I will try out the link you sent me and create something early next week. I’ll let you know my experience and what I notice if that’s helpful.

So I created a soundslide. Slick as watermelon on a greased slide (so to speak).

I batch loaded my files (there was a warning that I didn’t have a sound file, even though I did, but it did not seem to matter). Completely intuitive – moved the pictures in the box to change their order, moved them on the timeline to refect where I wanted the photo to appear on the sound file. Saving was a bit confusing – wasn’t sure what happened, but when I clicked “home” and account (I saw the directions for uploading the file from your desktop for the legacy software and just clicked account), I was able to see my file and get the embed code. Posted fine, was responsive as predicted, and is easy as dirt.

I’m passing it on to some of the cohort which is building the community of artists/educators on so perhaps there will be additional interest. (Also, I saw no reason to use the Drupal module; we have a field on the blog entry form that allows the user to paste in the embed code, so that’s pretty dang easy.)


Hey geoff. It’s good to hear from you, and I’m stoked it worked well for you.

“VirtualLand” as you call it, can get a bit lonely when you’re quietly building something by yourself without any feedback. Your note helps a lot as is.

I’ll certainly take you up on the offer to help out. The main thing I’ll need over the next few months is for people to keep using the application and report back their experiences.

There’s a lot yet to do, but I have a big list, and every week the list of TODOS gets smaller.


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