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Thumbnail or embed on Mastodon

Hi, Joe
It’s been a while but I want to thank you again for this tool.

I had intended to do some photo stories on Mastodon but discovered that the link doesn’t show a thumbnail and player on the feed when I post link. (Embed doesn’t work).
Any solution? Or am I doing something wrong?

Here’s the link to my photo story: Soundslides Player

Here’s how it displays on Mastodon:

Here’s the post link:


Hey Geoff.

I’ve moved over to Mastodon myself, though it’s just my personal account where I post mostly about birds and my travels (to see birds). It feels like a bit like 2007 again; the signal to noise ratio is pretty great.

I’ll have to figure out how Mastodon’s preview cards work.

Due to the distributed nature of Mastodon, I don’t think you can ever count on those preview cards appearing everywhere, as each host instance has the ability to override when and how they are displayed.

I’ll put this on the list of things to check out for the next minor update.

And though the forum appears quite deserted, there are still people using the app and sending emails and reaching out through other channels. :man_shrugging:t2:


Thanks, Joe. I agree Mastodon is like the early Web, back when you first started Sounslides (and I got a bunch of teachers using it) and even when I led construction of which back then was the 13th news web site in 1995. Mastodon is a real pleasure.I will look you up on Mastodon.

Let me know how you do with your work to get SS to display. I’ll check back or hit me up on M at

Thanks again. By the way I’ve promoted you on where I ran a column called A Digital Writer.Here’s one of the mentions:

Be well