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Transition time limit to 3 sec

Looks like the transition time for both the project and item is limited to 3 sec. What if I want a longer transition?

There’s no workaround for the 3 sec transaction limit at the moment.

That limitation dates back a few years, and it was put in place for performance reasons, mostly related to slower mobile devices. I think we can safely lift that restriction now. I’ll put that on the todo list for the next cycle of updates.


I’m having the same challenge with transition time between each item. Has a workaround been established yet? I’d like to hold the time on at individual rates according to what the audio is narrating. I.e. for some slides I’d like the transition time to be 5 sec others 20 secs. How can I adjust the images to keep up w the pace of my audio?

Yeah, sorry. The 3 second transition limit is still in place. It’s still on the todo list, but pretty far down. Most of the recent work has been keeping up with breaking changes related to Chrome and macOS updates. I’ve managed to keep on top of those as Google and Apple usually provide beta versions a few months ahead of time.

Just to be clear, if someone is reading this in the future and is new to the application; this is only a limit on the crossfade and fade-out-fade-in transition durations (ie the amount of time it takes to fade from one image to the next).

This is not a limit on how long an image can be visible, or the pacing of images themselves. There’s no limit on the timings themselves, though you will need to switch to timeline mode in order to set individual image durations along the timeline.

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