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URL Options For Hosting?

Hey Joe - what is the best way to link to a Slideshow (not video - since I include links) and have the person viewing them “think” they are on my site?

In other words - making it appear as if it is hosted on my site - in hopes they will stick around and buy or explore other things while they are there.


Your best bet is embedding the show into a page on your own site, assuming you have that capability in your web site publishing system.

After publishing your show, you can get the embed code from the Share dropdown button. In the dropdown, click “Copy embed code” to copy the code to your clipboard, or “Embed code options” to see two different styles of embed codes.


If your site is “modern-ish”, you’ll want the responsive embed code. That code will auto-adjust to the available size of your page. The other code is for sites with a defined, fixed width.

For more info on embedding, here’s some fresh documentation (bottom or the page, under Embedding).

If you’re making your own HTML pages (coding by hand), then you can include that same embed snippet in its own HTML file between the body tags or your main content area, then upload the html file to your web site.

If you run into any trouble, let me know.


Ah - OK - I should have probably been able to figure that out myself - if I had been observant enough to see the “embed tool” option.

My site is an up to date WordPress site - so I should be able to make that work. If not, I’ll get back to you.

I’ve got another question - but I’ll start a new topic.

As always, I appreciate the prompt and detailed replies.

Joe - don’t know what is wrong - but my “Share” button is not working - no dropdown - no nothing.

Well, that was a super weird bug. There are some features (movement, video-as-a-slide) that make a show “unpublishable” as HTML. For some reason, the dropdown was throwing an error while calculating the “unpublishable” shows.

I’ve fixed it. Refresh the page in your browser and it should be back to normal.

I appreciate the prompt attention. The Share dropdown is working now. I haven’t actually embedded a show yet - but it should work now. If not, I’ll update this topic.

Thanks again