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This forum is for anyone interested in Soundslides (the old) or Soundslides (the new). Here you can find discussions about the future of the application, and connect with other creative folks using Soundslides.

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Joe, do you ever plan on updating the desktop version which I’ve been using for years? I tried your online version and have never been able to use it successfully. The upload time is way too long on my mediocre DSL service. I usually have to upload anywhere from 50 - over 100 picture files and it takes hours to do so. That’s why I have to stick with the old desktop version.


There’s no chance of updating the old 1.9 series applications. Those were created by a defunct company, using technology (Flash) that’s been deprecated by its author.

This is something I may be able to improve upon in the future. Right now, all of the processing takes place on our servers in N. Virginia (or N. California, Ireland or Australia depending on where you are in the world). There might be something I can do down the road … new browsers could do a lot of the processing on your own local computer, which would cut down what needs to be uploaded, sort of like how the old app made a slimmed-down zip file for upload.

It’s on the list of things to investigate … which is the best I can do right now.