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Won't allow me to edit privacy?

My privacy and sharing options are greyed out. No doubt something simple that has not occurred to me, but… help…

Hey Terry.

Do you have movement on any of the slides?

I released the movement features this weekend, and while it’s a cool feature, it works with video export only.

Adding movement to your slides will disable the ability to publish your show as HTML.

If you don’t have any movement on your slides, post the show’s ID (it’s the alphanumeric in the show’s URL), or email it to me at and I’ll get to the bottom of it quick.


Of course it occurs to me now that I should put the “you have movement on your slides, no privacy editing or link” notification in more places … I’ll do that now.

Yes, I did have movement. I removed it. Now I have privacy control. Prolly shoulda seen that as the only thing I changed. OK. I did download the video and upload it to YouTube with no problem. I also copied it thinking maybe I could get the privacy back that way. Nope. OK. Now that I know what is happening, I am good. Maybe we will have movement control AND privacy control in some happy future? Just a note that I am bumping up against the limits of my plan and having to decide what to keep and get rid of OR to pony up for unlimited. Sigh. In these times it is often a zero sum game. In other words get Soundslides unlimited plan and drop HaikuDeck (or whatever). Sigh again. Your super-attentive support goes a long way toward helping me vote for you and yours. Thanks.

I went ahead and put a rollover tooltip up.


I hear ya. I just raised your account limits to unlimited shows … you should keep your shows up if you want. This event is tough enough without losing access to your creative tools and outlets.


It’s just that kind of day … looks like the settings that manually lifts show limits needs a tweak. :frowning:
Fixing that now … you should see your limits lifted soon.

It should be good to go now.

As always, thanks for you and your work.