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This Week in Dev - #21

This week’s changelog includes:

  • Added the editor management interface to (see below)
  • Add email verification to the service (this was long overdue)
  • Added a link to this very forum to the top navbar
  • Improved the importing of very large image files

There’s still a ton to be done, but I’m ready to have early adopters try the app. Keep in mind it is a work in progress. The original Soundslides took 18 months to develop. This version has been speedrun in about 14 weeks.

If for some reason you’re not seeing the “Editor” link in your top navbar, email me (joe @ and I’ll add you to the beta group.


Another update for this week. I’ve added the migration tool for moving shows from the old hosting system to the new site here.

While I’m planning to move all of the shows eventually, for sanity’s sake I’m going to make this self-service to start with. If you have shows on the old system, head on over to the site and get them migrated.

Instructions for the migration are here.

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