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Upload vid to Instagram Stories? (Square & Vertical video too?!)


First, really awesome of you to make free subscriptions avail to educators during Covid crisis.

My Q: I made a short soundslide that I’d like to post to Instagram in Stories. I have kept the length w/in the require time for Stories. The IG story formats are MP4 or MOV. I thought in the older version of soundslide there was an option for MP4 if I’m remembering correctly. How do I export a version of my soundslide that will be compatible w IG Stories?

Stay safe.


Hey Beth.

Our default video format is MP4, so that should have worked, but I tested last night and I couldn’t get my iPhone to post the video to Instagram.

I made a small change to our video export settings this morning, and it works now. I’m using the 1080p option, but lower options might be required if your file goes over IG’s upload limits.

Please re-export your video and see if it works now.

And I had to download the video to my Mac, then Airdrop it over to my iPhone to post to Instagram, as there’s still no way to post to IG from a laptop.

Thanks. Teachers from all over the world are using it now. I’m glad we were in a position to help out. We’re probably at 10x the traffic we would normally see.

Stay safe everyone!



Thanks so much for the guidance. Worked perfect per your guidance!

For future reference: I remember in the previous version we had the option to zoom in and out of each photo we posted. Is that still available? It was a really neat feature.



Great! I’m glad it worked.

Image movement is available but it’s in beta right now. You can find more about it here, including how to enable the beta features via your account settings.

I had planned to release image movement to all users by now, but the pandemic has knocked our release schedule all out of sorts.

Movement and video-as-a-slide will remain in beta for the foreseeable future.


Thanks for the update about image movement. Very exciting that it’s in beta!! I registered to be a beta tester in case you need a few more eyes on things in the future.


A quick follow-up to anyone else posting to Instagram … is there any interest in having a square video export, or even a vertical video export?

Not to open a can of worms on myself, but I can probably get that on the roadmap if there’s sufficient interest.


Well, I hope my hand is not the only one to go up on this one! This would be wonderful. It did export fine, but truth be told, the image did not fill the screen as I had hoped. I did upload RAW images so I know it was good in that regard. I’m going to roll out another short vid on IG probably next Mon or Tuesday. If you happen to add this to the roadmap some time in the future that would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Joe.


Thanks for chiming in … I’ve edited the title of this post to include “Square & Vertical”. Hopefully more people will see that and weigh in.

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Hey Beth.

I went ahead and added two options for verticals (9x16 and 4x5) because Instagram is weird … I had no idea there were different aspect ratios for Instagram Stories (9x16) and for their regular post videos (4x5).

You can adjust the aspect ratio under your show’s Settings tab.

I particularly like the square option … I used to have a Mamiya 6 and I’ve always regretted selling it to a friend. Maybe now I’ll shoot squares again.

Once you change your show’s aspect ratio, you’ll see an appropriate video option in your show’s Export tab.

If you’re trying out the new image movement options, you might see an issue with the vertical aspect ratio. Currently, it doesn’t allow for auto-motion on verticals … I’ll put it on the todo list to sort that out.


Oh my gosh, Joe!! I am soooo excited!!! I’ll start my IG project tomorrow and circle back to provide feedback once completed. Thank you sooo very much!! Just thrilled!



I wanted to circle back as promised to let you know that the new setting (Verticle - 9:16) worked PERFECTLY!! I took a screen shot of one of the images in a IG Story I posted this morning. Hopefully, you can see how well this new size fills the entire screen. A million thanks!!!


That’s great! Thanks for the screenshot.
It looks exactly how I thought it would. Cool.